Born in Korea but raised Italian-American on the North Fork of Long Island, New York, and currently residing in Brooklyn, Cassandra Dotzel is an artist who began her journey only drawing portraits in mechanical pencil but has grown into a designer who relies on her gut instinct and aspiration to tell a visual story.

Cassandra has cultivated a broad range of skills from working as a plastic specialist in classic car restoration, to working as a design assistant for leather goods, as well as working as a textile designer and stylist for costume design in theater and opera circuits; she is constantly working to grow in eclectic experience.

Last year, Cassandra studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia to complete a textile program with a specialty in screen printing and digital production techniques, and then went on to study traditional artisan craft all over Rajathstan, India. She will be returning to Melbourne at the end of this year to complete a studio internship with Linen House from placing in their annual competition.

Through the assimilation of a multitude of cultures and learning various techniques, she has honed her abilities to draw inspiration from and adapt to her surroundings. Cassandra received a business degree first, but from there has completed the accelerated one-year Textile/Surface Design AAS program, and is has graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with a BFA in Textile/Surface Design and a minor in Fashion Theory.  Following the completion of her internship with Flavor Paper in Brooklyn, she was hired to for digital production and design where she is continuing her studies of innovative art in the textile industry.